Fast flow channel simulation

  • Direct file import from many CAD systems (including Step, Parasolid, IGES, Solid Works, Solid Edge and Catia and many others)
  • Validation and optimisation of the flow design geometry
  • Thickness and blend radii analysis.
  • Model preparation and simulation calculations in a few minutes.
  • Intuitive flow visualisation of liquid metal in the runners to reduce turbulence and optimise the runner sections.
  • Verification of the correct gates including the flow entry angles of the metal in the casting cavity.

The design of the flow system within casting die technology has assumed greater importance in recent years and often represents the only space for the mould designer to improve the “part design- mould design-flow” process. In fact the mould maker is often asked to find solutions for good die geometry where changing thickness distribution or the actual machine is not possible.

Castle Run is an innovative simulation tool for the die design process that is both fast (model preparation and calculation takes just a few minutes) and reliable. It enables the tool designer to ensure the optimal runner geometry without running an entire simulation of the part as well as providing a platform for trying different solutions to achieve such desired results as:

  • Overall size and weight objectives
  • Filling the cavity at the speed and in the time required;
  • The exclusion of air entrapments;
  • Minimise any energy loss during the injection phase;
  • Guarantee the easy ejection of the part;
  • Maximise the variable tolerances such as fill speed, metal and die temperatures etc.

Excessive speed at the gate that may erode the die and produce significant metallization

Gates that are “not fully working” such as may occur where the molten metal doesn’t enter through the entire section of the gate and/or where the flow at different gates is not properly balanced.

The flow speed vectors as the metal enters the cavity such that the principal flow direction may be determined and channelled  correctly.

Using simple CAD and analysis tools for the blend radii the designer can quickly modify the geometry to correct the results.