Automotive Forming

Stampaggio e Formatura Lamiera

Stampack simulation software offers a huge number of advantages for tool-making on general multistage mechanical forming processes. The built-in technology allows engineers to calculate and analyze any process steps they wish, changing parameters as they wish, evaluating the forming results of any step they wish at any stage from the very beginning to the very end of the process within the same simulation.

Deep Drawing 

deep-drawing-body-in-white-in-stampack1-300x188Stampack helps you to design formed parts so they can be done in the most cost-efficient way using the most economical process and material. Stampack also can help you develop a part shape that can be formed easily and that will fit and function properly. Major areas of concern can be identified easily with Stampack, such as excessive thinning, fractures, or wrinkling.

Optimum triming lines

trim-optimizer-optimization-line-1-in-stampack-400x300-300x225Stampack trim optimizer (STROP) is an automatic trimming line optimization module. Is an essential tool for the determination of optimum blank shapes and trimming lines. The trim line is rapidly determined to ensure that the desired shape and dimensions of the part boundary are obtained at the end of those operations which follow the trimming operation. STROP automatically adjusts the trim line to remove or add sheet metal until the desired part boundary is achieved. Optimum trim line-blank shape is necessary for the sheet metal forming process. The trim optimization not only prevents the wastage of material or reduces product development period but also improves product quality and reduces occurrence of defects like wrinkling and tearing.